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Written By Kevo Desh | Model - Maya Threatt - | Photographer - Andre Sturdivant @understandthevision | Products Used: SHWAXX HONEY-BUTTER SHAMPOO / SHWAXX HONEY-BUTTER CONDITIONER / SHWAXX LEAVE-IN-CONDITIONER / SHWAXX HYDRO-BUTTER | Location: SALON LOFTS Gaithersburg, MD

If you’re all about natural hair, then what is your WASH-N-GO playbook? Don’t have one? Please let us introduce you to a couple options we believe can help.  No matter the texture, you can achieve WASH N GO Happiness with SHWAXX Brand.  Here @shwaxxbrand believe it’s all about hair length, cut and texture and learning what techniques work best for you through trial and error. 

 Step 1: Shampoo

Get your hair hydrated and clean with SHWAXX HONEY BUTTER SHAMPOO.  The goal is to remove all product and possible build up from your hair and scalp. A fresh clean empowered head of hair is the first step to WASH N GO Happiness.

 Step 2: Condition X 2 (minimum)

Our recommendation for conditioning hair for the WASH N GO Happiness, no matter the texture, requires at least 2 steps of conditioning. The SHWAXX HONEY BUTTER CONDITIONER and the SHWAXX HONEY BUTTER LEAVE-IN-CONDITIONER. The ability of shampoo opens the hair's cuticle in order to clean and remove, is counter balanced by our conditioners to seal the cuticle back up and locking in ingredients in that strengthens the hair during the detangling process preventing breakage, split ends, and even hair loss. Empowering your hair to remain moisturized during the entire process and giving you the best path to defined curls and lasting softness.

Step 3: The Rake Through

We say “hydrating your hair from the root to the end makes texture your friend!” Meaning, you must make sure that your hair is fully hydrated from the root all the way to the tip to see your natural texture POP! When applying our SHWAXX HONEY BUTTER CURL CUSTARD and/or SHWAXX HYDRO-BUTTER we’ve learned that you get better and more defined curls when your hair’s natural porosity is activated. Note: Think of your hair like a sponge… a dry sponge doesn’t flex at all, but as you work water through that sponge you empower it to swell and be flexible. Our hair is porous like a sponge so the more hydrated it becomes, the more empowered to flex it will be. So from the start to the end of the WASH N GO process your hair must be continually hydrated through re-wetting.  Depending on texture and desired look the amount of our SHWAXX HONEY BUTTER CURL CUSTARD and/or SHWAXX HYDRO-BUTTER is all on you to get WASH N GO Happiness.

Step 4:  To Dry or not to Dry

This final step is a judgement call based on your WASH N GO Happiness look.  You can use a diffuser if that gets you to your WASH N GO Happy place. Our if the “GO” in “WASH N GO” brings you Happiness then let your hair air dry. You can separate and fluff or achieve volume by raising from the roots. Your hair is your world and you can define what WASH N GO Happiness is with SHWAXX BRAND Products.

Kevin Rodgers